Korea del sur



The demarcation line. The gravel is South Korea, and the concrete is North Korea. The line is 18 inches wide and 5 inches tall.20140528-092547-33947292.jpg


Brother memorial at the Korean War Memorial



Tanks at the Korean War Memorial



The border between North and South Korea. The blue building are maintained by the UN security forces called the JSA and talks are held in the buildings. If you look closely at the top of the white stairs just to the left, you can see a North Korean solider.20140528-092549-33949633.jpg


20140528-092550-33950312.jpgBukchon Hanok Village20140528-092548-33948810.jpg



DMZ Zone20140528-092549-33949290.jpg


Funky Sculpture at the start of a 20 foot deep walkway with a stream running down it called Cheonggyecheon Stream

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