Crossing the border from Vietnam, there was an instant change in the housing, and use of the land. Rice fields are everywhere, and the houses look a bit more conventional, than they did throughout Vietnam. It was really crazy to see such a visible change, just because we crossed an imaginary line on a map. We spent just two nights here in Kampot, before heading out to Phnom Penh, which is the capital of Cambodia.

Kampot is a very laid back farming town. Not a whole lot to do, but I enjoyed it, as it was a break from the GO, GO, GO of the last 2 weeks or so. We rented scooters again, and headed up the mountain that sits in the middle of town. It is a national park, but it has a couple of casinos on top, a church, and a really cool abandoned casino/resort complex from the 80’s. Today it’s overgrown with moss and trees and make for some really cool pictures. The drive up gorgeous. It was clear, and green, but as we got closer to the summit the fog started to roll in and for once on the trip it was a cold! We were actually dripping from the moisture; face a long windy ride to the top. We were shivering and ended up at one of the restaurants at the casino just so we could warm up. The drive down again was a thrilling race against the cars, tight turns, with the stunning views of the surrounding city, and green rolling hills.





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