American Fork Canyon

We like to go on our own little adventures as often as we can! We love to explore new places. Today we were in American Fork for my cousin’s wedding so we planned to go on a hike somewhere in the area after the wedding. My cousin Nathan had suggested Battle Creek Falls in American Fork Canyon, so we decided to pursue it.

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. The sun was shining between the canyon walls and brightly colored leaves littered the ground; I love the fall! The first half mile up to the falls the trail was wide and you could tell it was well-traveled.         We continued hiking beyond the falls up to Curley Spring; which In my opinion is an adorable name for anything. 🙂  There were some steep hills and the trail thinned out as we continued climbing up the canyon. We met a nice couple who offered to take our picture near the spring; first non-selfie photo we’ve been able to get together hiking in months! Normally there aren’t many people around to take our picture when we’re hiking.   The view from the spring was calm and beautiful. Not too challenging and a short hike but a nice hike for enjoying the scenery and getting a little swear on. I’m so glad we got outside and took advantage of the fall weather while it’s still here. We are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous state and to be surrounded by the mountains. I’ve said it before, but of all of the places I could be, being in the mountains is by far my favorite place in all the world.            


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