Memorial Day Weekend/Green River State Park

For Memorial Day weekend this year Rob and I decided to explore some of the state parks not too far from home. We left work early Friday afternoon and headed South until we hit Spanish Fork; turning off of I-15 South to Highway 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon.  The traffic was much more mellow along Highway 6 and the clouds looked incredible. Clouds have always fascinated me. They are always changing and are so full of life!


Rob was pretty hungry a few hours into our drive, but I convinced him that we should wait to get dinner until we got to Green River. A friend of mine owns a restaurant in Green River and I had wanted to go there for quite a while but hadn’t made it to down to out there.

When we arrived at the restaurant it was very busy. We were put on a waiting list. The cashier informed us that it would be a 30 minute wait. The menu items were double dollars. The restaurant was in a beautiful location right next to the river.  The interior was reflective of the surrounding landscape, but with an upscale feel. With how busy it was, the food descriptions on the menu, and the pictures/reviews on Yelp, Rob and I figured the food had to be good so we thought it would be worth the wait!


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We sat in a casual waiting area with light weight, brightly colored furniture and a lot of windows, which filled the space with natural light. I love natural light, so for me, this was a great little spot to relax  and wait. The bathrooms were kind of funny, with large silhouettes on each door, making the gender designation unmistakable.





After we were seated it took the waitress quite a while to greet us. I ordered a navajo taco grilled chicken salad and Rob ordered the green chili burger with onion rings. Rob’s burger and onion rings weren’t too bad, but both were cold. Same with my navajo taco. The portion sizes were large, but the food was cold. If it had been warm I bet it would have been really tasty! Overall we were not too impressed with the food, and felt it was kind of pricey, but the location was great.  We could see the sun setting over the Green River from our little booth; that was gorgeous!

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After dinner Rob and I went out behind the restaurant to get a closer look at the beautiful sunset on the river. We love to be outside, especially when it’s nice and warm and we’re in a new place. So many things to explore when you are visiting somewhere new!

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Shortly after we left the restaurant, we drove over to Green River State Park to see if they had any campsites available; with it being Memorial day weekend the campground was full, which we expected. But we wanted to see the park anyway. To one side of the campground was a vibrant green golf course, and to the other side of the campground was the Green River. Gorgeous little spot.


We left the park around 9:15 and set out to find a campsite for the night. Rob is fantastic at finding BLM land and/or campgrounds for us to camp on short notice. Most of the camping trips we have been on together, we haven’t reserved campsites ahead of time. In fact, there has only been one camping trip that we’ve been on together that we reserved a campground beforehand. There are so many places we want to go and things we want to do, we have a hard time deciding in advance where we want to go for three day weekends. We usually don’t decide until last minute where we want to go, so we can’t really reserve campsites ahead of time .

Friday night though, we found a great place to camp just outside of Green River. It was just BLM land, so no picnic tables, fire pits, or hole in ground toilets, but we practically had the whole area to ourselves! One thrilling thing about finding a campsite late in the evening and setting up camp in the dark is, you wake up to some amazing surroundings that you had no idea were apart of your reality until the sun sheds light on them in the morning!

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