Moonflower Canyon Southern Utah

Moonflower Canyon

When we were in Southern Utah for Memorial Day weekend, we thought about going to Arches National Park. We knew it was suppose to be extremely busy, given it was a holiday weekend, but since we were so close by, we thought we would drive by the entrance and check it out before we made our decision.

As we got closer to the entrance, we could see cars lined up for probably over a mile; one of the lanes on the freeway had been marked off with cones to funnel the chaos that had come from all over the world to visit this beautiful national park. That alone made our decision very easy, no thanks, maybe next time Arches!

Rob just kept on driving and we passed the park and drove right into Moab. He and some of his family had been to a little canyon in Moab that they did some climbing in a few years back and he wanted to take me there, so that is how we ended up at Moonflower Canyon.


There was a narrow crack between these two huge rock faces that was  with logs about 4-5 inches in diameter in a zigzag formation.  It was a little adventure playground!





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