Tillamook Ice Cream

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast holds such a special place in my heart. I was born in Hillsboro, but then my family moved to to Newport, a small coastal town, when I was about 3 years old. My parents moved because my dad accepted a jot as a mechanical engineer for a papermill in a nearby town. Our apartment was only about a 5 minute walk from the beach. We spent many afternoons on the beautiful, windy Oregon beaches. My love of the beach began there.

Another love of mine still today also began when I was a little girl living on the Oregon coast… the LOVE of ice cream! There was a little ice cream parlor just up the street from our apartment complex where they sold Tillamook Ice Cream. The ice cream at Oregon Maid was the tastiest!  My mom would take me there when we were running errands, coming home from dance, or just for fun! My mom’s favorite ice cream was Brown Cow. My childhood favorite was Rainbow Sherbet! This little ice cream shop began as quick stop for a single scoop of sugary goodness, and grew into a deep love for ice cream and a boat load of cherished memories between mother and daughter. I will forever love this little parlor for so many reasons. I hope they never tear it down.


brown cow


When I was dating my husband, the first time I brought him home to Oregon with me to meet my family, I took him to this ice cream shop. He loved it. I hope to take our kids there one day.




This past July when we went to Oregon to do the 50-mile hike with my family, we got to spend some time having some fun on the coast too. Rob loves this restaurant I introduced him to on the South side of Newport Bridge called South Beach Fish Market. They have THE MOST AMAZING fresh seafood! We have to make a trip there every time we come to visit my family, because he loves it so much. I love it too! We got crab, and of course prawns and chips. So yummy!! We love love love food, especially seafood!



Isaiah isn’t usually too thrilled about spending time on the beach because he doesn’t like getting dirty and doesn’t like how the sand gets in everything, but even he was excited to go for a dip with us one last time before he left on his mission. Rob brought the GoPro and we had a great time going for a quick plunge together at Lucky Gap Trail! We had so much being together. I love our family so much!



Dad still totally ripped at 54! You go dad!



Lovin’ that sexy wind-blown hair look with the pink princess towel. That’s my hubby! 🙂





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