Cape Town South Africa

City Sight Seeing Tour Cape Town

Normally a sight seeing tour is not really our style, but with the internship company, Rob had a sight seeing tour included in his program fee and so we decided to give it a go. My ticket was R190 for the 1-day blue mini peninsula tour. That is roughly $14.24 USD. The tour was with a company called City Sight Seeing Cape Town and included 15 stops around Table Mountain, and along the West coach beaches. You could get on and off the bus as you please. Another bus would come every 15 minutes at each stop. Some of the stops included the World of Birds, Camps Bay, V&A Waterfront, and Kirstenbosch. They give you head phones so you can listen to a recording explaining the areas that you are seeing as you are riding along. It was actually a very nice, relaxing way for us to familiarize ourselves with and see the diversity of the city a little better on our second day here. And these buses are all over the world. I think they are a great way to see the cities you go to visit, whether you will be in a particular city for a short time or a long while. You can check out their website here if you’re interested in learning more.

city sight seeing cape town South Africa

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Cape Town South Africa

We got on the bus around 09h00 (everything is in military time here), sitting on the topless section on the roof of the bus to enjoy the sun throughout our ride. After only a few minutes on the bus, my mind was blown! This city is absolutely gorgeous!

We got off on two stops along the way. The first was Hout Bay. We got to see the beach for our first time, and it was very pretty. The water was a beautiful turquoise color. We walked along the jetty and I got to feed a sea lion some tuna! Poor guy had been cut by a boat propeller and had a decent size splice wound on his backside. The local guy that was letting us feed him said he was healing up nicely.

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Cape Town South Africa

The next stop we got off on was the V&A Waterfront. There was a ton to see down there. It was a big touristy area. We walked through a food market, with all kinds of delicious foods…pretzels, ice cream, burritos, sushi, breads, cheeses, etc. It was a little piece of paradise for us, because anyone who knows us knows how much we love delicious food! There was also a mall, a Ferris wheel, musicians singing and playing the drums and the xylophone, and a lot of boats to see in the harbor. I loved the sound of the wooden xylophone. Such a unique sound. Really made me feel like we are truly in Africa, even though this was a very touristy area! Rob acted like he wasn’t with me as I danced a little jig to the beat of the music. I love to dance and I love music, so hearing African music is one of the things I was most excited about before coming here. Hearing the music was even better than I imagined. 🙂 After walking around for a little while in the sun we were totally exhausted and caught the next bus back to Long Street, which was our original starting point.

Cape Town V&A Waterfront

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We got off the bus and walked the few blocks home, somewhat disoriented, still trying to get our bearings in this new city. It was maybe 14h00 (2:00pm) when we got home but we were more than ready for a nap. We laid down and crashed for 5 hours! Some nap huh! Guess it might take us a few days to get switched over to South Africa Time; after all, it’s only a 9-hour time difference from Salt Lake – no big deal or anything! :} Sweet dreams as our bodies continue trying to figure out what we’ve done and when things will get back to a new normal.

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