San Francisco…What a Treat!

We left Utah Saturday January 14th in the afternoon and flew to San Francisco, California. Our international flight was scheduled to fly out from San Francisco the following night at 7:25pm. We spent Saturday evening with Rob’s cute mom (who he affectionately calls Momanator) and cute sister’s Sarah and Lindsey, and adorable little nephew, baby Beckham. It was hard to say goodbye when we left their hotel, knowing it will be at least 3 months before we see them again. Goodbyes are never easy. 🙁 They were not feeling well and could take the shuttle to the airport the following morning, so they offered to let us have their rental car for our short stay, which was extremely nice!

I had only been to San Francisco once before, so Rob wanted to show me the city, as he has been here many times. It was dark, but we drove through downtown and I saw the Bay Bridge for the first time, and all lit up too! I loved it instantly! We also drove down Lombard Street, which is a popular and awesome curvy street that looks like it is straight out of Alice and Wonderland! The street is paved with brick and has perfectly trimmed hedges lining both sides of the street. It’s a fun street to drive down and to look at from the streets above and below. As we drove down I felt like we were on a kiddy roller coaster – too fun! The speed limit is 5 miles per hour and it’s free, but if you come during the day, most likely there will be a wait to make the drive. After a little sight seeing, by some miracle we were able to find free overnight parking about a block from our hotel, the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf!

Bay Bridge San Francisco

Sunday was a gorgeous day in San Francisco! The Chapel where we attended church was a very cool building. The parking in the church parking lot was insane, and totally packed, so we parked a few blocks away on the street. We spent some time walking part way across the Golden Gate Bridge and learning about how it was constructed. There was a slight breeze as we walked across the bridge. We didn’t think it was too chilly, but that may have been because I was wearing 4 layers, including my puffy, and the sun was shining beautifully!

San Francisco LDS Church

San Francisco

How the bridge was constructed was incredibly fascinating – blew my mind to think about it’s construction from an engineering perspective and the ingenuity required to create this magnificent structure. The bridge was built during the 1930’s, completed in 1937. Would you believe, that roughly 80,000 miles of individual cables support this enormous bridge?? Those are some STRONG cables! The Golden Gate Bridge is a new favorite for me!

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

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