Returning home

Flying home was an adventure to say the least. Leaving Bangkok late because of a late incoming was a great start to the trip. We finally took off around 3am. The flight was completely packed and we were all ready to get going. Unfortunately about two hours into the flight the pilot came over the intercom and said we had a fuel problem and we were diverting to New Delhi. We landed in Delhi and sat on the plane for 2 1/2 hours while maintenance fixed it, finally taking off after that. What was supposed to be a 12 hours flight turned into just over 16 hours.

After landing in London we had to mess with getting rebooked, and they put us on a flight to Chicago connecting to another flight onto LA. We grabbed a quick sandwich and rushed to board the flight to Chicago. Again once boarded we were delayed because of thunderstorms. Heathrow had shut down all of it’s runways and we sat on the tarmac for another hour and a half. Finally arriving in Chicago, we cleared customs and immigration, and of course we arrived late and had to be booked onto another flight to LAX. Mom and TJ will end up staying the night, missing their fourth and final flight to SLC because of the days events. I’ll stay in LA for a couple days driving back home with Nick and Alex.

It’s been an long adventurous day, and because of the delays, and time zone changes, we have been living in Thursday the 14th for over 38 hours. It’s been our longest and most unproductive day yet. 🙂





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