The Burj Khalifa Changed My Life

I can hardly put into words my tender feelings about this architectural masterpiece, the Burj Khalifa. Even saying its name now brings with it special feelings of respect and awe, but my affection for the Burj Khalifa did not happen instantaneously. When I first saw the structure from the tram, through the haze, some distance away, I was intrigued by its unique presence, but neutral in my feelings regarding it. I could see that it was tall and very slender, but hardly had enough time or visibility to make out much of the detail.

The following day we experienced the magnitude of the Khalifa when we stood at its base, looking up as layers and layers of glass tapered up to pierce the sky with its spindle-like shape. It was at that moment that I found myself entranced by its elegance. The simplicity of its form and materials gave it a grace all of its own. The steel and glass shimmered in the sun. It was so beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Those few days in Dubai we kept finding ourselves returning to the Burj Khalifa each day, sometimes multiple times a day. We didn’t feel we would be complete if we left Dubai without going up inside the Khalifa and having the At The Top experience. We purchased our tickets and waited our turn to enter the elevator. My heart fluttered as the elevator smoothly came to a stop at the 125th floor. We were up so high, we could see almost the entire city. The 360 degree view was SENSATIONAL!

As we stood looking out over the city, I began to weep silently. Tears running down my cheeks. Rob looked over at me with a confused and concerned look, as he asked what was wrong. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn’t withhold the tears. I felt so small, insignificant, humbled and felt so undeserving of this experience. I was standing inside of the tallest building in the world, looking out over this miraculous city with my husband, fulfilling a dream I didn’t know would ever come true, especially not this early on in my life. I was overcome with gratitude. I was thinking about our families and how I wished they could also have this incredible experience along side us. I missed them. I wanted to share this unbelievable experience with all of our and loved ones. I will never forget this experience or the joy and gratitude I felt that day. I felt blessed beyond what I deserve.

I never thought I could feel such a connection with a building, but I fell in love with this building. At night it twinkles like the most gorgeous, slender, sleek, Christmas tree you’ve ever seen. Watching the lights sparkle at night is magical. The tender emotions I experience at DisneyLand filled my body from head to toe as I looked at this magnificent building shimmering in the night – it was pure magic. Every square inch of its structure an engineering miracle and architectural masterpiece. It is my favorite building in the world world – the most beautiful building I have ever seen. Straight out of a fairytale.

Our last night in Dubai we caught the very last show at the Dubai fountains, which happen just outside of the Burj Khalifa. We ran all the way there and were drenched with sweat, but we were not going to miss this show! The fountains were mesmerizing. The lights, the dancing water, the music, sigh… I melted into a puddle of pure jubilation. My heart couldn’t have been happier. I stood back with my mouth wide open, gaping at the beauty of the Khalifa and the surrounding sky scrapers, a city that stands where there was once only a desert full of sand. Everything about this city fills my mind with wonder and amazement. What started as a dream, is now one of the most luxurious, remarkable cities in the world. Coming to Dubai was a dream come true for me. Dream BIG and never stop dreaming… Dreams do come true!

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Burj Khalifa

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  • Chris S

    September 26, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    So beautiful the views -your pictures and your descriptions WOW! & good thing you got to see the fountain show it all sounds so spectacular. So glad you shared.


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